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Practice Managers

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Fee Earners

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Specialist Legal Accounting Software does not need to be complicated to use or expensive. And it should make it easy for you to remain compliant with all the SRA Accounts rules.

Whether you are a Practice Manager, COFA, or book-keeper you will be reassured that Perfect Books is renowned in the industry for its simple and effective approach to Legal Accounts.

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Case Management

Case Management increases efficiency by saving you time when producing or finding documents, attendance notes or emails.

Key Dates are managed effectively ensuring you never miss them. Monitoring the progress of your cases is easy helping you keep all of your matters on track.

Our Case Management system is also fully integrated with Accounts & Time recording giving you total control from one screen.

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Time / Billing

Keep time records of all of your activities and the system will calculate the value based on your rates - whether for Private matters or Legal Aid.

Bills can be produced based on your time records or for a fixed fee. The amount can be automatically posted on the accounts ledger.

You can monitor performance with reports that show the value of time worked – whether for the firm or for one Fee Earner.

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